Memoir: "Carey: Genesis of the Song"

Joni & Cary, Easter 1970, Iraklion, Crete


In 1970, Joni and I met in Matala, Crete, fell in love, and lived together in a cave by the Mediterranean. For my twenty-fourth birthday present, Joni wrote me the song, “Carey.”  These memoirs close-focus on my friendship with Joni Mitchell during the time while she was writing and composing the Blue Album.

All this is public knowledge; however, Carey: Genesis of the Song digs beneath superficial fan-facts found in biographies of Joni to reveal how picaresque adventures, powerful life-forces, sudden awakening and subsequent dark-night events imprint into “Carey’s” character.

The memoir traces Joni’s and my interlaced paths from Crete to Hollywood, to the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, through travels with Joni and James Taylor in London and New York, and road trips back to California where in early 1971, Reprise Records releases the Blue album. 

In this year-in-the-life story while Joni was creating Blue, a mutual quest for authenticity, beauty and independence bonded us. As the memoir draws to a close, I fast-forward from 1971 to fifteen years later at a dinner party in his New York apartment, where Joni is a guest and I ponder the meaning of the songs on Blue and the profound effect the album has had on my life.

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