Cary Wingfield Raditz

Cary Raditz

Memoir, Part 1

The first volume of my memoirs, “Carey: Genesis of the Song”, tells stories from seven picaresque years starting in 1964 when I entered UNC Chapel Hill as a freshman and ending in early 1971 when I sat amazed wearing headphones in a sound booth in A&M studio in Los Angeles as the sound engineer, Henry Lewy, played me recent studio recordings of Joni Mitchell’s songs, songs that would become the Blue Album.

Joni and I maintain a life-long, episodic friendship, Genesis mostly focuses on the period of 1970-1971 when she composed the majority of the songs on her Blue Album including the song “Carey,” which bears my misspelled name. I am forever grateful that Fate drew us together in Matala, Crete.

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Memoir, Part 2

In progress, a second volume of the memoir, Dancing in the Street of Dungeons, begins in 1971 and continues through the second decade of the twenty-first century. Dungeons takes off where volume one, Carey: Genesis, leaves off.

Dungeons tells about the years gadding as a vagabond in South Asia, India and Nepal, working for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in California, serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mauritania and Senegal, and consulting to banks in microfinance and specialty finance in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The chapter “New York, NY”–when I was a Park Avenue banker–is practically a book in itself.